Do It Yourself Landscaping Tips and Tricks

North Carolina woman DIY Landscaping Tricks

North Carolina woman DIY Landscaping Tricks

If you’re the type of person that loves DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects, then you’ll love this post! We have some landscaping tricks that can save you a whole lot of money while improving your landscape at the same time.

When you’re trying to stretch a dollar but need your home and landscape to look totally awesome, take on some of these projects yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

  1. Where to Get Free Mulch

    Mulch makes any garden looks sharp and cared for plus it has the added benefits of holding in moisture while keeping weeds at bay. Many towns that do curbside collections of Christmas trees and other yard debris will offer free mulch to residents for the asking. Check to see if there’s a program in your community. This is a golden landscaping trick for sure.

  2. Easy Maintenance Anyone Can Do

    It doesn’t take much to prune, trim and weed around your property and doing a little can make a huge difference. Get started with it early in the season and stay on top of it by doing a little each week. If you want a cheap alternative to commercial weed killers, mix one gallon of white vinegar, 1 – 2 cups of table or Epsom salts, and a small squeeze or two of dish detergent, together in a spray bottle or large weed sprayer and apply. It will take 1 – 2 days to activate and kill off weeds and it will save you a lot.

  3. Huge Savings on New Plants

    All garden centers will have a clearance area where damaged plants, shrubs and trees are kept. Some of these are just smaller than they should be, others are coming back from an illness, while still others are simply returns. You can save a bundle on these!

  4. Test Your Soil Yourself

    Buy a do-it-yourself home testing kit for your soil before you put any new plants in. You will learn the pH of the soil and better be able to tell what will happily grow there and what will not. You’ll then be able to make adjustments to the soil if it’s needed. An alternative to the do-it-yourself soil testing kit is to take a sample of your soil to the local cooperative extension program.

  5. Choose Native Plants

    Native shrubs and trees will always cost less and grow better than the non-native plants. They are climate-appropriate and will thrive without costly chemical fertilizers. These plants will also invite wildlife, such as birds and butterflies, making your surroundings even more attractive.

  6. Light Up The Night

    Try outdoor lighting for as little as $50. It adds night-time visibility, security, beauty, and can be installed practically anywhere by the homeowner. Have your property light up the night while your neighbors home sit in the dark.Start with just one tree or by lighting up your entry, then go from there.

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