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How to Choose the Right Style of Fiberglass Pool and Installation

When it comes to choosing a fiberglass pool we know how overwhelming it can be.

It doesn’t have to be though. Because honestly, Carolina Creations is truly here to help you. We provide sales and installation of fiberglass pools in and around Brunswick County, North Carolina, as well as the surrounding areas.

The very first thing that you should know is that fiberglass pools are a good investment. Not just because they offer the fastest installation time and are the most affordable pool to purchase, but also because the maintenance costs are so much less than other types of pools.

Our project design team will work with you to determine how you plan on using your pool.

They can then design a simple pool surround or an entire backyard paradise for you, of which a swimming pool is just a part of.

If you’ve always dreamed of an outdoor kitchen, complete with patio and arbor shrouded in plants, we can bring that dream to fruition!

Whether you want an outdoor entertaining area designed to impress your family and friends or just a simple pool with basic landscaping and fencing added, we can do any and all of it. No project is too big or too small for Carolina Creations Landscaping.

In addition, no matter which style you choose, our fiberglass pools will never deteriorate or fade. They are strong (17 times stronger than concrete!) and flex with any changes in temperatures. We have a large number of shapes and styles for you to choose from that are sure to fit whatever budget you may have. Allow us to sit down with you and discuss the right style pool for you and your family.

Our pools are incredibly environment friendly. If you’ve ever owned a concrete pool you’re familiar with the acid baths and draining that are required. That isn’t the case with a fiberglass pool.

Fiberglass pools use far less chemicals which means the costs of maintaining your pool goes way down. The non-porous surface prevents algae and other bacteria from adhering to the walls of the pool. It’s a smooth surface that’s gentle on your skin and that of your family.

If you’d like to discuss fiberglass pool styles and installation in detail, we’d be happy to meet with you. We can be reached by calling (910) 755 – 6411 at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!