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Financing Options for Purchasing a New Fiberglass Pool

If you are purchasing one of our Wilmington NC fiberglass pools and require financing, we have a variety of options sure to meet your needs. Any of the following affiliates are available to assist with financing your new pool project in its entirety.

Financing your Wilmington NC fiberglass pools for sale
With over 30 years of experience behind them, Lyon Financial specializes in financing swimming pools for new and existing homeowners. They have an outstanding reputation and have over 200,000 satisfied customers. Being built on a strong foundation of sound business practices and seasoned management, they’re in a position to help you obtain unsecured loans with low monthly payments. You can reach them by calling 877-754-5966.

Financing options for purchasing our Wilmington NC fiberglass pools for sale
PoolCorp’s LightStream is an online consumer lender offering unsecured financing for homeowners with excellent and substantial credit. LightStream is an online lending division of SunTrust Bank offering low interest rates, no fees and exceptional customer service that they guarantee. They can be reached at

Wilmington NC fiberglass pools for sale financing assistance
We are also a member of the Lending Club Program. The Lending Club is an online peer-to-peer lender specializing in unsecured consumer financing. They connect borrowers with investors, with Lending Club providing the platform in addition to underwriting and servicing the loans. Members are able to borrow money more easily and at a far better rate than what their local bank may offer.

Our Guarantee
When you purchase one of the Wilmington NC fiberglass pools for sale by Carolina Creations you are covered by our CCL Guarantee. We are committed to providing our clientele with quality products and dependable services that reflect the true nature of a landscape contracting firm. We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our staff, the quality of our services and the continued education of our firm, our employees, and our customers. We guarantee that we will seek your feedback in the form of our exclusive C.A.R.E. ® Interviews (Customer, Assurance, Review and Evaluation) to assure your satisfaction and to continually improve our performance in meeting your needs. You will then have the opportunity to inspect and rate our services, raise any concerns so they may be addressed immediately and accept the services as complete.

When you’re ready to take the first steps on your new swimming pool purchase and installation give us a call at 910-755-6411 and we’ll set up a time to meet.

Our Hampstead Concrete Pools Are the Ultimate Pool Experience

So you’ve been gathering information to educate yourself on how to make an informed decision when purchasing your new swimming pool? That’s great news! Did you know our Hampstead concrete pools could quite possibly provide you with the ultimate pool experience? When we say that, it sometimes catches people by surprise but we’re always happy to explain.

Hampstead concrete poolsYou have many more options when you choose a concrete pool over a fiberglass pool. The biggest one is that you can have your pool made in whatever shape you want! You could have your own lap pool in the backyard or have your very own lazy river installed to delight the kids. There’s pretty much no end to the ideas people can come up with for what shape they turn our Hampstead concrete pools into.

If you’ve ever seen the pools with multiple waterfalls tumbling down into the pool below, chances are it was a concrete pool. When you’re going to invest in your property by having a swimming pool installed you will want it to be all that it can possibly be. The last thing you want to discover is that the pool you installed is too small or too shallow or in the wrong place! That’s why we come out to talk with you ahead of time. We look the site over and discuss with you how you foresee using the pool. We can make suggestions and recommendations.

Hampstead concrete poolsOur pools are long lasting and made of high quality materials. All of our pools come with a full warranty. The pool installation itself is performed by our knowledgeable professionals that install pools for a living. They know what they’re doing and do it well. You can count on the utmost care being taken by our employees when they’re working on your property.

If we can answer any questions about our concrete pools or installation please call Carolina Creations at 910-755-6411 and we’d be happy to help you. If you prefer you can also reach us through our Contact page on our website.

Ask Us About Our Fiberglass Pool Installs in Wilmington

As spring approaches many homeowners start thinking about their plans for home upkeep and what enhancements they’ll be making once the warmer weather arrives. For many people that means researching who installs Wilmington NC fiberglass pools in the local area as well as what’s involved in the process.

Installation of Wilmington NC fiberglass poolsAt Carolina Creations we sell and install over 12 different models of Wilmington NC fiberglass pools and we’d be happy to talk with you about what’s involved in having one installed in your landscape. We’ve delighted many homeowners while increasing the value of their property by installing a new in-ground fiberglass pool into their landscaping.

When you meet with our designers you can share your ideas with them about what you’d like and they will take it from there to design the right pool and landscaping to fit your dream. We’ll ask you questions about how you foresee using your pool — will it be for entertaining purposes, exercise, or for family time with children. What we learn from you will determine the best model pool for your family as well as the landscape design around the pool area and we’ll discuss this with you.

Wilmington NC fiberglass pools installsFrom your very own tropical paradise to a basic no-frills pool and patio our designers will put your concept together in a way that will work perfectly for you. They’ll also make useful suggestions along the way about things you may not have considered. The installation of fiberglass pools goes quickly compared to the installation of other types of pools. If you’re looking for the least costly and easiest pool to maintain, the fiberglass pool is the way to go.

Give us a call at 910-755-6411 and our designers at Carolina Creations will arrange a time to meet with you and discuss the many possibilities for having a pool installed.