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Types of Holden Beach Swimming Pools

As a leading installer of swimming pools in the coastal regions of South and North Carolina, Carolina Creations has three different types of pools we can offer you – single piece fiberglass pools, concrete pools and vinyl liner pools.

If you live in the area of the Brunswick Islands and you’re looking for a distributor or installer of Holden Beach swimming pools, keep these facts in mind regarding advantages of the various types of pools.

Singe piece fiberglass pools have the advantages of a smooth and non-porous surface with a permanent color finish. The gelcoat surface is algae resistant, smooth to the touch, pet-proof, earthquake proof and the longest lasting surface available. This type of pool uses up to 70% less chemicals than any other pool. You won’t find a stronger pool than fiberglass, and yet it’s flexible enough to flex with rigid freeze-thaw cycles found in colder climates. Comes with a lifetime structural guarantee and a 7 year surface warranty.

Concrete pools have the advantage of being as big as you’d like and can be any shape or depth. They can have design features built like vanishing edges, beach entries, tanning ledges, and more.

Vinyl liner pools offer the lowest initial cost of any of the in-ground pools. These are nonabrasive pools whose non-porous surface inhibits algae growth. The have the advantage of offering no limitations on shape or size.

We’d be happy to discuss purchasing one of our Holden Beach swimming pools with you at your convenience.

Myrtle Beach Pool Installers Offer 3 Types of Pools

If you’re a resident of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, or the surrounding area, you probably already know about our commercial and residential landscaping services but did you know we also do pool installations? We are your local Myrtle Beach pool installers and we can install concrete pools, vinyl liner pools, and we offer 14 different styles of fiberglass pools. Having us install an in-ground pool for you will give you the everlasting opportunity to enjoy “The Caribbean Vacation That Lasts a Lifetime.”

couple choosing pool type
The manufacturer of these pools is committed to constructing the best 1-piece fiberglass pool available in the industry, that’s why it’s the only one we carry. Our own Myrtle Beach pool installers will have your pool installed within 3 days. That’s a far cry from the 6-8 weeks it takes for the installation of other pools.

Fiberglass pools like ours use up to 70% less chemicals than other in-ground pools so your operating costs are far less. You’ll spend less time cleaning the pool, too. With a fiberglass pool you will never need to change a liner, give an acid bath or drain the pool. These pools are stronger than concrete, practically bulletproof, can withstand an earthquake, and yet are flexible enough to flex with the freeze-thaw cycles found in cold climates. If you have a dog, you won’t need to worry about their nails tearing a pool liner because there isn’t one in a fiberglass pool.

Wilmington NC Pool Installer Services

If you live in the area of coastal North Carolina  and you’re having a new swimming pool installed or an older one replaced, you’ll want an experienced Wilmington NC Pool Installer like Carolina Creations handling your project from start to finish. We have almost two decades of experience designing and constructing outdoor living environments to fit almost any need or budget – including in-ground swimming pools and the landscape that surrounds them.

pool installations in Wilmington NCWhether you are looking to create your own personal backyard oasis or simply in search of a reliable source to construct a very modest backyard pool area, we can handle the job. Our design team can make recommendations on any landscape enhancements you might want to consider for around your pool. If you require fencing to meet the code standards required for swimming pools, we carry a full line of vinyl or metal fencing, gates, railings and arbors that will enhance your pool and the surrounding area. Our team of highly skilled professionals will truly take you from “Concept to Completion” and walk with you through each phase of the project while staying on budget.

After meeting with you to discuss your property and dreams for the area, we will provide you with an assortment of 14 different styles of pool, offering an assortment of shapes and depths, and 6 different tile options to choose from. All of these can be viewed at your convenience on our website under Pool Services.

As the leading Wilmington NC Pool Installer in the area, we look forward to meeting with you.

Considerations for Shallotte Pool Installation

There are some considerations that we will point out here with regards to have a pool installed. As a leading Shallotte pool installation provider, we’ll assist you in choosing the perfect pool and site location and we’ll answer any questions you might have along the way.

There are things to consider when selecting the pool site, such as obstructions. These could include underground wires, gas lines, septic tanks, dry-well systems, plumbing, trees, and overhead power lines. Underground obstruction and utilities should be located prior to beginning excavation. Utility companies will usually locate underground pipes and cables that are located on your property at no charge to you. Choose an avenue of least resistance for the sake of practicality and economy.

Try to locate the pool to provide the best access and most ideal working conditions. Placing the pool a few feet one way or the other, may permit improved excavation conditions, easier dirt removal and pool installation.

Access to changing facilities and the house should also be considered. Think about having views of the pool from inside the house for supervision of children and guests. As you decide on your pool site, make a rough layout where you think the pool should be located. Then consider decking and walk way by staking out their approximate positions.

Sun and shade can be an important factor when determining the pool location. Excessive shaded areas from trees and other buildings could result in uncomfortable swimming conditions during marginal weather months. In addition, it could considerably increase heating costs. Excessive sun can be unbearable during excessively hot periods. Proper pool orientation will take advantage of sunny days for comfortable swimming condition and decrease heating costs.

Give us a call at Carolina Creations (910-755-6411) and we’d be happy to talk with you about the Shallotte pool installation process.

Your First Horry County Pool Installation

When a homeowner makes the decision to have an in-ground pool installed, the first decision is who will do the work. If you reside in the coastal South Carolina area we are an experienced and knowledgeable Horry County pool installation company that you’ll find easy to work with.

Horry County pool install
Your next decision will be what type of pool you want. You can choose between a single piece fiberglass or a traditional custom concrete pool. Both choices come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

While the two types of in-ground pools have differences, one of the biggest is the cost. A concrete pool is the more expensive to install. A fiberglass pool has the advantage of being able to be installed quickly and at less cost.

The pools that we carry are exquisite single piece fiberglass pools made by Caribbean Bay Pools. They’re constructed of high quality materials using top notch workmanship. Your pool comes with a lifetime Structural Warranty and a 7 year Surface Warranty as well. When you purchase a Caribbean Bay Pool you get to experience “The Caribbean Vacation That Lasts a Lifetime”.

after Horry County pool installation

If price is a determining factor on your choice of pool, then a fiberglass swimming pool is the way to go. There are a variety of different tile designs and colors available.

Our sales or design team would be happy to meet with you to discuss the pool installation process and how it will enhance your property. As your Horry County pool installation company we look forward to meeting with you.