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The Benefits of Choosing Fiberglass Pools

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the area of Sunset Beach, North Carolina, you’re fortunate indeed. At Carolina Creations our work takes us all over South and North Carolina, including the Brunswick Islands, and we know just how beautiful it is there.

Fiberglass Pool
When you’re ready to invest in your property by enhancing the landscape with an in-ground swimming pool, give us a call. We not only perform Sunset Beach landscaping and design services, but you’ll find our Sunset Beach pool installation of fiberglass pools is high quality work performed in a short period of time.

If you’ve been wanting Sunset Beach pool installation done for awhile but haven’t known if you could really afford it, we now have financing options available to you. Lyon Financial has been specializing in swimming pool financing for over 33 years and has over 200,000 satisfied customers. They pride themselves in the outstanding reputation they have within the industry. They are built on a strong foundation of sound business practices and seasoned management and we’re pleased to be associated with them.

We install single piece fiberglass pools and traditional custom concrete pools. In addition, we can design and install landscaping and fencing around the pool area. If you’ve ever wondered why more and more people are choosing fiberglass pools, here are some of the benefits of these pools:

~ Faster installation
~ Reduced maintenance time and cost
~ Longest lasting surface available
~ The non-porous surface provides a “smooth to the touch” finish.
~ Pet and earthquake proof
~ Less expensive than other types of pools

Are You Searching for a Pool Installer?

If you live in the Grand Strand area of South Carolina and are searching for a company to install an in-ground swimming pool for you, you’ve come to the right place. At Carolina Creations we’re well experienced in all aspects of Myrtle Beach pool installation. Whether you’re hoping for a pool installer for a single piece fiberglass pool or you want the more traditional custom concrete pool, we can handle your Myrtle Beach pool installation.

Where to find a pool installer
Some people don’t understand why anyone would want a swimming pool when they have the great big Atlantic Ocean at their disposal for free. Well, we get it. We know firsthand how refreshing it is to swim in fresh, non-salt water especially when it’s in your own pool, in your own backyard, where you don’t have to share it with crowds of people.

Enjoy relaxing on the sundeck or patio surrounding your new pool. The landscape refinements that we can make with low maintenance plantings will have you wondering why you waited so long to take the plunge into installing your own pool.

If entertaining others is your true life calling, consider having an outdoor kitchen built within close proximity to your new pool. It’s an excellent way to bring friends together in one area.

We’d be happy to meet with you to discuss design elements that we can install that will surely enhance your lifestyle, whatever it might be.

Maintaining Your Backyard Pool

As a New Hanover County pool installation provider we are available to answer any questions you might have about design, installation and maintenance of any new in-ground swimming pool that we could install for you. Not only do we handle New Hanover County pool installation but we can also install fencing and offer landscape services for the area surrounding your pool. 

Following are some tips to help you with maintaining your in-ground pool no matter what type it is.

pool maintenance
1. Regularly clean debris such as falling leaves and sticks out of the pool. These things can contaminate the water and clog the filter system.

2. Maintain levels of bromine or chlorine. Chlorine is a common way to sanitize your pool or spa. It removes algae and kills bacteria in the water. Bromine could be used instead of chlorine and is a favorite of swimmers who don’t like the smell of chlorine.

3. Clear your pool’s skimmer basket at least twice each week.

4. Removing dirt from the bottom of the pool. Any dirt that accumulates on the side and bottom of the pool can be removed with a brush and pool vacuum.

5. Testing your water’s chemistry regularly and making adjustments when necessary is a simple step that guarantees your pool will always have clear, clean water waiting for your swimming enjoyment.

We Can Install Your Pool in Wilmington NC

Making the decision to have a swimming pool installed into your landscape is a smart investment move for your home. Swimming pools substantially increase both the pleasure and the value of your property. If you enjoy entertaining friends and family a pool will be a welcomed addition that your guests will look forward to when they visit. At the end of a busy work day, you’ll also be looking forward to enjoying the cool, clean water of your very own in-ground swimming pool.

Pool installationIf you reside in Wilmington, North Carolina, you’ll be pleased to know that at Carolina Creations we perform Wilmington NC pool installation for homeowners just like yourself. If you would like a consultation to discuss what we have and how we can your enhance landscaping with a pool installation, please call us at 910-755-6411.

Whether you want to have a new swimming pool installed complete with a surrounding landscape design or you want to have upgrades done to an existing pool area, you’ll be happy with the many options we have.

As your local Wilmington NC pool installation dealer we have a large number of pool designs to offer you as well as a beautiful assortment of tiles. The pools we install are both single piece fiberglass pools and custom concrete pools. We’d be happy to discuss the advantages of each when we meet with you.