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Fiberglass Pool Installations

Carolina Creations is a certified dealer and performs pool installation of Caribbean Bay Pools. With their signature slogan, “The Caribbean vacation that lasts a lifetime,” a Caribbean Bay fiberglass pool is certain to complete your backyard paradise.

Caribbean Bay Pools logo

Caribbean Bay Pools is committed to constructing the best fiberglass 1-piece pools available in the industry today. They do this by combining top quality, premium raw materials and their unique manufacturing process to ensure every Caribbean Bay Pool is able to pass their rigorous quality control inspections. With a commitment to quality, Caribbean Bay Pools stands behind its products with an unbeatable Lifetime Structural Warranty. The premium materials utilized in the manufacturing of the pools are all “ISO certified.”  Their technically advanced manufacturing facility located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, allows them to manufacture the best pool available at affordable pricing thus allowing almost everyone to put a little bit of the Caribbean into their own backyard! All that plus we can do a quick pool installation for you.

These pools are stronger than concrete, practically bulletproof, and can even withstand an earthquake, yet are flexible enough to flex with rigid freeze-thaw cycles found in cold climates. The Gelcoat Surface is algae resistant – due to it being non-porous, algae can’t bond; pet proof – pet’s can not tear or shred; smooth-to the touch – no skinned feet or elbows; and the longest lasting surface available. Plus with these pools, chemical costs are less. It uses up to 70% less chemicals. They never need a liner change, an acid bath, and you never need to drain the pool’s water.

Call Carolina Creations today for more information on having a pool installation done for you.

Hardscapes – From Patios to Retaining Walls

If you have decided to add hardscaping to your property you’ve made an excellent decision. Hardscaping is not only beautiful and lasting but increases the value of your property, too. A hardscape project for your landscape — whether it be a wall or fountain or patio and walkways — is not as easy as it might initially seem. It requires time and manpower to complete. Stones are heavy and you will be using a lot of them for your project so this is a project best left to a company like Carolina Creations. We have hardscape services covering everything from patios to retaining walls, and yes, even stonewalls.

hardscape services

Using the hardscape services of a company like Carolina Creations has many advantages and one is that we have the manpower to complete the project in the shortest time possible. The earlier the project for your landscape is completed, the sooner your property will be back to normal. The expert masons we have will complete your project and be off your property in a timely manner.

The expertise behind our hardscape services ensures that your project will be a sturdy and durable structure in your landscape. Creating hardscapes is not done by just piling together some rocks. It involves digging up trenches that will serve as a foundation for the stability of the hardscape. Our professionals apply their expertise and knowledge to make sure that the hardscape you want for your garden is not just beautiful but will last forever.

Seasonal Color Flowerbed by Carolina Creations Landscaping

Fall is Time For Planting

Preparing for spring’s harvest of beauty is the task of our seasonal color beds services staff this time of year.

Bulbs of all kinds should be put in now for spring bloom and iris beds refurbished. The perennial border, if it’s to be a "hit," must present a continuous flow of color and beauty, with no letdowns after one flower has finished it’s bloom and with no “spottiness” in any of its sections.

In this respect, the easiest period for the gardener is the one that extends from earliest spring until the end of June.

Seasonal Color Flowerbed by Carolina Creations Landscaping

Nothing can provide a more spectacular and cheerful opening act than clumps of well-chosen Narcissus and daffodils spotted throughout the border.

Seasonal color beds services chooses them for their eye-catching appeal as well as their size.

The daffodils will flower before other plants are very far advanced, so clumps of four to six bulbs can be placed anywhere in the border from front to rear.

The little pockets around them can be full of colorful Primulas, Grape Hyacinths, Pansies and Violas, or any combination of these little performers is very attractive.

Sowing seeds of annuals right beside the bulbs will hide the fading bulb foliage after the narcissus and hyacinths have bloomed next spring.

Ingredients of a lovely Seasonal Color beds

For a lovely color medley, seasonal color beds services might blend some of these in your garden – California poppies in shades of yellow, orange, white, soft pink and deep rose; Phlox drummondi, varying from white, buff, pink and red to purple; Larkspur and Cornflowers for blue; Snapdragons in rose, red, purple, yellow and white; and blue or white Nemophila.

Using the Winter Landscape To Help With Holiday Decorating

Some people define winter landscaping as putting the holiday decorations out in December and then taking them down after the new year. You can use some of your holiday landscaping ideas all year-round to add color and style to your home’s winter landscaping. With our seasonal color beds services we can make plant and design recommendations that will have your winter landscape sparkling with color!

Seasonal colors for the winter garden.

Evergreen trees are most commonly seen in winter as Christmas trees. The  ability of the evergreen to withstand the winter weather makes it a good way to add color to your yard in the winter season. With our seasonal color beds services you can also have taller evergreen trees along the sides of your home to protect your home from winter winds and summer sun. Using evergreen trees to block the wind and sun can also help lower your heating and cooling bills.

white lights in the winter garden

Our seasonal color beds services can suggest several types of flowers for your flowerbeds that will remain strong and colorful in the winter. Some flowers that grow all year round include acacias, azaleas, camellias, and proteas. There are also annual bulb flowers that will bloom each winter. They include Iceland poppies, primulas, cyclamens, and the holiday poinsettia.

Add some strings of white lights intertwined throughout your shrub beds and your winter landscape will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Winter Structural Pruning

As a landscape company offering professional pruning services we pay careful attention to the shrubs and trees that surround your house. Dead limbs and some smaller “roughage” can pose a danger to you and your family, as well as your home. Essentially, proper pruning is essential for healthy and aesthetically pleasing trees. Pruning services are needed when first planting a tree to control its growth and to help develop its shape. Pruning can help spur growth in foliage, fruit and flowers as well as remove diseased and damaged areas.

winter tree pruning

Winter is the perfect season for structural pruning, as deciduous shrubs and trees have lost their leaves, revealing their branching structures. Give new life to old and overgrown shrubs that are threatening to take over your house, or prune to enhance the beauty and function of your specimen plants.

Structurally pruning a tree correctly promotes healthy and more productive tree growth. Our pruning services offer winter structural pruning when your trees are their least active, during the late winter and early spring, to avoid stressing the tree and causing more damage than we are attempting to remove.

During the winter, structural problems within the tree are also more visible, which makes it easier to make pruning decisions without tons of leaves concealing the branch structure. But not only is it appropriate for many trees to be pruned in the winter, it is also practical. Trees are dormant in the winter months. When a tree goes dormant, it goes through a period where all physical activity is temporarily stopped (including growth and development). This results in many trees entering dormancy from roughly late autumn to early spring.